Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lollipops & Rainbows Foundation Launch

Emily Grace Reaves and Noah Cyrus wore Kaiya Eve leggings, they both wore a pettiskirt then Noah wore a apple & green lace miniskirt over her pettiskirt and Emily wore wildflower miniskirt over her pettiskirt! They looked adorable!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Noah Cyrus and Emily Grace Reaves

Noah Cyrus and Emily Grace Reaves did a photoshoot for Emily's amazing charity The LOLLIPOPS AND RAINBOWS FOUNDATION be sure to check it out Website to Emily's Charity! For the photoshoot the two girls wore Kaiya Eve Pettiskirts and the shoot turned out adorable! The shoot also featured another Kaiya Eve fan Keana!
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Kaiya Eve: Earth Premiere!

Emily Grace Reaves of the Hannah Montana Movie and her dog Bunny, wore Kaiya Eve skirts, and in Emily's case skirt,shirt, and leggings to the DisneyNatures Earth Premiere. Sophie Texeira also wore a pettiskirt to the premiere.

Bella Thorne also wore a Kaiya Eve Pettiskirt to the premiere!

Kaiya Eve on the Red Carpet!

Madeline Carroll was wearing a Kaiya Eve Skirt to the Mamma Mia! Opening!

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Sophie and Christa were also wearing Kaiya Eve to
the Melanie Segal's Kids' Choice Awards Lounge!

Keana and Her Little Sisters Sophie and Christa were spotted wearing Kaiya Eve to the Househusbands Of Hollywood Launch Party!

Emily Grace Reaves, Madeline Carrol, Ryan Newman, and Keana

Emily Grace Reaves, Madeline Carroll, Ryan Newman, Keana and Christa Texeira all did a photo shoot for Kaiya Eve and it was absolutely gorgeous. For more images check out the Kaiya Eve Myspace!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Emily Grace Reaves

Emily Grace Reaves who plays Cindy Lou(the girl who find out hannah is miley) in the Hannah Montana Movie wore kaiya eve to the VIP Nashville screening and she looked adorable!!!!!

Emily Grace Also mentioned Kaiya Eve Couture as her favorite wardrobe in an interview with popstar magazine, she even added a picture of her with all her skirts.

Finally you can see Emily Grace and her bff Noah Cyrus wearing Kaiya Eve on an episode of the Noie and Ems show: In the the episode they are at Noah's sisters book signing.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lots of new Press!

This week has been a huge week for Kaiya Eve in Hollywood! First off the new line is out so go check it out!
The G-Girlz Keana and Savannah were seen wearing Kaiya Eve Pettiskirts to the Rossi & Tex 2009 Girl Prep Hollywood Teen Empowerment Conference!

Now to all the press Saige Campbell wore a plum pettiskirt to the WIN awards!
A new band called the G-Girlz were spotted wearing outfits from the spring 09 line for a music video Butterflies the video is not out yet, but here are some photos.
Sophie Texeira who is an upcoming actress wore a white kaiya eve ruffle fluff top and a Black Tie Dye Mini Overlay w/ Floral Leopard Leggings to the premiere of Race To Witch Mountain she was even spotted with Bailee who is also in kaiya eve!
Last But not least Savanna Sterling was seen wearing a Kaiya Eve Pettiskirt that is not yet out to the Kids Choice Awards she is the designer and creater of Myzo!